FORT YATES, N.D. (KXNET) — Hundreds of young students and volunteers are going to be on deck for the first Fort Yates Marketplace for Kids Education Day.

Marketplace for Kids encourages students and children to develop their own ideas, share creativity, and present them to an audience of all ages. It does so by providing a variety of learning classes and activities that will help students develop innovation, enhance personal development, and explore career options. Their latest Education Day will be taking place at Sitting Bull College on Friday, February 24.

The day is going to have a wide variety of classes, including the following:

  • Digging Dinosaurs will be presented by Tom Hebert, the founder and director of the Earth Sciences Foundation.
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship will be presented by Cheryl Duvall, the program manager at NDSU Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • Discover Japan in North Dakota will be presented by Shunsake Aoki, the Japan outreach initiative coordinator at Dickinson State University.
  • Create Your Own Electrical Circuit will be presented by Jeff Kirstein, the executive director at IEC Dakotas.
  • How Can Workplace Hazards Be Controlled will be presented by Bonnie Dowhaniuk, the safety consultant for ND Workforce Safety & Insurance.
  • Lessons About Your Money will be presented by Lance Hill, the financial literacy manager at ND Jumpstart Coalition.

The Marketplace Advisory Leadership Team and members of the education community state that they enjoyed going over class reports that were provided by other students at other locations, and took their advice on the classes that they would to see presented during future Marketplace events.

“As we move into a new chapter of life,” explains North Dakota’s Department of Career and Technical Education Director Wayde Sic, “entrepreneurship and innovation will become more crucial for our state and country. The Marketplace for Kids program will play a critical role in fostering our next generation of business leaders. The work you do with your students, preparing them for their futures, is the noblest of professions. I commend you, and you have my utmost gratitude.”

They are still looking for volunteers for the marketplace to both be the eyes and ears of classrooms and provide support to presenters. If you are interested, please call (701) 242-7744.