An organization offers those of all ages the chance to play the sports they enjoy.

Prairie Grit offers opportunities to kids and adults with physical and mental disabilities.

Sled Hockey remains one of the athletes favorite sport to compete in.

“Hockey is a big deal and some kids might not have the chance of skating in regular skates, stand up hockey, like all their friends of family or what they see on TV. So we have that alternative experience, where they can jump in a sled and you don’t have to have any experience,” said Prairie Grit Sled Hockey Coach, Chris Douglas.

Being able to offer both kids and adults the chance to play the sports they love is prairie grits main mission.

Not only is it worth it to see the smiles on participants faces, but coaches say it’s also fun to see the competitive side of the athletes.

“Sometimes it’s kind of cool to see the frustration because they are ready to be very good at it and they are pushing themselves, so, it’s kind of cool to see that too on the hard side of it. Seeing the athlete side come out a little bit more,” said Prairie Grit Program Assistant, Averi Bradley.

Sled Hockey coaches teach that this is still the same sport of hockey, the only difference that makes this game more of a challenge, is that players play with two sticks.

Prairie Grit fully invest into their athletes making sure they have the best coaching possible, as Douglas is a Team USA paralympic sled hockey player.

Athletes on the sled hockey team are more than happy to showcase their skills in front of other fellow athletes.

“It’s funny to see how the kids react when they get out there because the other players are like hockey players that they watch all the time but they are struggling and our kids are exceeding at something, their like, well look at me now kind of and I’m better than you guys now and it’s like watch me what I can do,” added Bradley.

Douglas says this program is all about learning lessons both on and off the ice.

Prairie Grit Organizers say anyone can enjoy this sport, whether you are disabled or not.
If you are interested in participating, contact Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports.