MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Slim Chickens in Minot is hosting a fundraiser for local sports organizations.

Tuesday night is the first night for Preferred Restaurant Group’s community-wide fundraiser.

“Tonight the beneficiaries, which is fall sports and it’s fall sports from around the community. Anybody that comes in tonight between five and seven, 50% of those sales will go back to those organizations,” said Preferred Restaurant Group Public Relations Officer, Wendy Larson.

In the past, PRG has done similar events but made participants present a flyer in the past.

Larson says she hopes of raising more money this year, and they don’t have to present a flyer.

“We’ve taken that out of the equation, now it’s just automatically 50% of the sales from five to seven anybody that comes in we are going to give those funds back to the groups,” added Larson.

This event will benefit 13 groups including Prairie Grit as well as local high school sports teams.

PRG along with Slim Chickens is all about serving others, especially the youth.

“The fundraiser is a really great opportunity for us to give back to those groups in the community and tonight being fall sports, it’s just a great opportunity for our company and Slim Chickens to help youth in the community,” said Larson.

In the future, Preferred Restaurant Group will fundraise once a month for a variety of other local organizations.

This fundraiser will happen at all four Slim Chickens locations, including Minot, Williston, and Fargo, along with Helena, Montana.

Next month’s fundraiser is happening at Taco Johns and will raise money for local schools and groups within the school district.