BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Another snowstorm rolled across North Dakota last week, leaving about two feet of snow in its wake.

After the snowstorm on Thursday, the Bismarck Police Department saw over 30 crashes that occurred over the weekend.

However, Wednesday the system rolled in along with freezing rain. Which made the roads slick before it even started snowing and caused over 60 crashes on just Wednesday night alone.

The Bismarck Police Department says that curves and hills are the most dangerous spots when driving in slippery conditions.

The BPD also says that it’s best to slow down and mind your surroundings when driving in winter weather.

“The main thing to remember is if the speed limit says 25 miles per hour, that’s for optimal driving. That’s for dry good conditions. So, when we have inclement weather, we need to slow it down and drive slower. People say, ‘well, I’m driving the speed limit, but I couldn’t stop in time’ so that’s driving too fast for the conditions,” said Tim Bleth, a sergeant with the BPD.

Although the storm is passed now, the roads are still not under the best conditions. So, it’s always best to stay cautious while sharing slippery roads.