MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — One way to save money this holiday weekend is by shopping on Small Business Saturday.

People all over the country will have the opportunity to support small businesses by shopping locally.

Small Business Saturday serves as a way to highlight shopping at small businesses.

North Dakota has a large number of small businesses, from our cities to our rural towns, and they are all in need of support to keep them up and running.

“For you to come and try out things that we have that’s new, even come in and just be a supporter in the sense of just giving us some feedback of what we can do better. I always believe that that just makes us better as a community, but also better as a business ’cause we can learn from what our customers want and people who might be potential customers in the future,” said Christine Staley, the owner, and operator of Magic City Sweets and Magic City Hoagies.

Main Street Books is headed into its 17th year of business and owner Val Stadick says Small Business Saturday is a big deal for her store. It’s even bigger than Black Friday.

“We are kind of the epitome of small business. We always have some sales going on. We have some hot cider, we have candy canes. Yeah, we have some really good sales and yeah, it’ll be fun,” said Stadick.

Stadick says in comparison to large retailers, supporting small, locally-owned businesses help out the local economy.

“Small businesses, we use the banks locally, we use the grocery stores locally. We are like the driving force of our economy. We keep everything else going.,” said Stadick.

It’s rewarding to participate in your community’s economy; however, running a small business doesn’t come without some challenges.

“We just had a flood Saturday so I lost, so I did lose a lot of inventory and we’re going through that right now,” said Stadick.

“It’s been trying I think a little bit because sometimes one seems more seasonal, but people do eat ice cream in the winter. But I think what I realized is that you have to balance things,” said Staley.

Both owners say what makes a small business unique is a personalized experience you get while shopping there, and the connections they build with customers.

They know who you are and we know who they are.

We are all neighbors, but more importantly, we’re all family.

Small Business Saturday is a marketing initiative created and promoted by the American Express credit card brand to encourage holiday shopping.