Thirty inches of snow and wind gusts up to 61 mph haven’t stopped Minot Air Force Base personnel.

Airmen who are part of snow removal crews have worked “tirelessly” to plow paths across base and help their own — like plowing a path in Ashley Sprague-Hesse’s driveway, who was having contractions and needed out to have her baby.

XS Dakota pitched in as well, tackling the side of base where housing is. They’re focusing on main roads first to plow wide enough for at least two lanes, then side roads. Once those are cleared, they’ll move on to driveways and sidewalks.

As of publishing time, road conditions on base are black — meaning roads are closed and drivers aren’t allowed on the roads due to life-threatening conditions. Drivers could be cited by Security Forces for driving during this condition. Gate guards will stop outbound vehicles as well.

To keep up with the status of base roads and roads in town, download the AF Connect app and under favorites add Team Minot, as well as the KX Storm Team app.