BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The recent snow we’ve gotten is making quite the impact, but construction projects will still continue.

Construction projects continue around Bismarck, including on State Street in Bismarck. Most of the projects center around traffic signals and lighting components.

These projects are slated to be completed around Christmastime, which was the original plan.

Traffic light construction will also still be taking place on South Washington and Divide Avenue.

Asphalt and pavement projects are being put on hold as colder temperatures will affect the work.

“Construction plans have completion dates sometime in the middle of October. We just never know when those first blizzards will hit or those first snow events. So, the contractors use those times wisely as they can. Work diligently in the summer months, when they know they have better weather they can rely on,” said Gabe Schell, City Engineer of Bismarck, “We can’t really rely on having good weather in October or the early parts of November. So, they do leave some of those last outstanding times to complete at the end. Most of that work in the community has been completed. The public will continue to see some activity to occur once the snow stops and they have a chance to dig out.”

Schell also says drivers need to keep the construction in mind when out on the roads.

Make sure to watch for cones and construction crews, move over for work vehicles, and always stay alert.