DICKINSON, N.D. (KXNET) — Last week, we shared the story of a rancher’s horses covered in snow and ice.

Now, we’re revisiting them to see how the horses and rancher are doing after the storm.

Hollie Wilson, a rancher from Dickinson and owner of Rockin’ 33 Performance Horses, says she had to dig them out of the snow-blown barns during the blizzard.

The storm has since passed, but the damage is long-lasting — especially in the barns and the huge mounds of snow still clogging up the insides.

Wilson says the horses are fine — but with a second snowstorm on the way, she says she’s taking precautions to make sure her livestock will never go through an experience like that again.

“We are putting blankets on them, all of them,” Wilson said, “and we are separating the barn that the cows were in. Half the barn’s going to be for the cows, and half of it’s going to be for the horses.”

Wilson says she’s also planning to get a larger, sturdier barn in the future.