The social media buzz over a new staff addition at a local shelter is also leading to a contest that will benefit shelter pets.

The announcement of a new on-staff veterinarian at the Souris Valley Animal Shelter in Minot received nearly a thousand reactions on Facebook.

This in turn led the shelter to create a fundraising contest, where one lucky winner will get a date with the new veterinarian, Dr. Logan Wood.

He says he was flattered by the reaction, and the date doesn’t necessarily have to be at a sit-down restaurant.

“We can either go out for dinner or you can follow me around pick my brain, meet some really cute puppies and kittens anything that you really want to do,” Dr. Wood said.

The goal is to raise $5,000, and right now they’re sitting at $1,300.

Dr. Wood says once the goal is met, it could help more than 100 animals get the care they need.

To donate, CLICK HERE.