Some Quick Reminders when Dealing with Scam Calls

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Scams are still happening every day: a call from someone claiming to be the IRS or another government agency.

They’re not always looking for your money. Often, they want to get you on the phone to steal your information.

The State Treasurer tells us it’s happening more often to the elderly. She says it’s important to have those conversations with your families, to make sure everyone keeps their independence but also, knows how to protect themselves.

The Treasurer reminds us: the IRS will never call you. They only communicate by mail.

North Dakota State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt explains, “Some of us are still from that world where we’re used to picking up the phone; when the phone rings, we feel we have to pick it up. So I would say, if you don’t recognize the number, it’s okay to let it go to voicemail.”

Schmidt says if you’re unsure if a call is real, call the main number for the administration, such as Social Security, and ask them directly if the claim is true.

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