Farm and fitness.

On the surface, it may seem like these two lifestyles don’t have a ton in common but for a Foxholm native, that’s her past, present and future.

Farm and fitness are just two things that make this week’s Someone You Should Know so special.

“I put that mic on and it’s like, boom, game time. It’s pretty cool,” Jayde Haugrose said.

A few years ago, she couldn’t imagine coaching a fitness class like she does now.

At Solidcore in Minot, she’s a coach and the client relations manager.

It’s her job to encourage people to work hard to reach their goals and in the studio, those goals may seem hard to reach sometimes.

“I’m like, listen, you’ve survived 100 percent of your hardest days. You can survive this,” Haugrose said. “I’ve seen people cry, I’ve seen people come in and have the worst day ever but then after I’m done with them they’re like, ‘ugh, that sucked. But I feel so good!’ It’s the best job.”

Haugrose pursued a profession in fitness years ago, even starting her own business, RUSH Fitness.

She’s trained clients of all ages, from 15 to 80, in areas like yoga, strength or cardio.

Clients learn about themselves along the way and Haugrose does, too, as people grow in ways that go beyond physical fitness.

“I see 100 people a day but they only see one of me and it’s honestly like therapy for them. It’s life-changing. They could’ve lost their dog, they could’ve just got a promotion. But this is their time with me whether I do 25 minutes with them at their house or 50 minutes here [at Solidcore], this is their time to take care of themselves. You have to take care of yourself before you take care of others.”

She can speak first-handed about taking care of others, having grown up on a farm near Lake Darling.

“My grandpa grew up on the farm. He was born and died in the same room my mom and stepdad sleep in now,” she explained. “We have horses, grew up rodeoing, cows, we tried sheep – I don’t recommend sheep at all,” she said with a laugh.

It’s more of a hobby farm, she says, but the hard work she learned there translates well into what she does today.

“I have not only physically grown, but mentally, spiritually, emotionally. Seeing people create the strongest version of themselves is so rewarding.”

Plus, when times are tough…

“I have stellar jokes.”

…she’s always there for more than coaching.

“Why does the Norwegian Navy have barcodes on their ships? So they can SCAN-da-NAVY in!”

Jayde says she encourages anyone to start a fitness journey, no matter what skill level. And if you train with her, you’ll get a good laugh too.

Jayde Haugrose is Someone You Should Know.