Minot, ND (KXNET) — Playing sports requires skill, talent, and dedication.. just to name a few things.

Four Minot gymnasts emulate everything it takes.

In recent weeks, they advanced to the Region 4 competition, where they’ll be competing among more than a thousand athletes from seven states.

These girls have been gymnasts, pretty much, ever since they could walk.

KX News asked them, “What do you like about the sport?”

“Everything. It’s super fun, you really just push yourself and you get to be with your friends who help,” Pavyn Peterson replied.

Their hard work has earned them a spot at regionals in Minneapolis this weekend.

“It’s a huge accomplishment, especially at a young age because they are pushing themselves so hard and they want to see the benefits of how hard they’ve worked,” their coach Allison Thompson said.

At just 13 and 14 years old, Sophie, Olivia, and Pavyn practice enough that it could basically be their part-time jobs. Still, they love every minute of it.

“When you’re flipping, you just feel amazing,” Sophie Bell said. “It’s like you’re flying in the air and you know that you can stick it because you’ve done it so many times.”

To qualify for regionals, they had to reach a specific score at the state competition.

In order to do that, they practice their skills to reach perfection, condition their bodies to become stronger, and of course, have some fun with their friends.

“I feel like people may think it’s easy because it’s just skills, but there’s a lot of background behind it of scores and different things that you need for it,” Olivia Olson said.

However, because competing doesn’t last the same way the duration of a game does, it comes with some pressure.

Thompson said, “While skill and strength are a huge part of it, mentally, gymnasts have to be prepared for the scary sometimes.. very explosive dynamics of flipping their body through the air at rates that just don’t even seem possible.”

These three will take to the bars, beam, vault, and the floor .. with a lot on their minds.

“I am very nervous,” Sophie said. “I’m also very excited, it’s an amazing opportunity for us.”

“It’s a constant battle, kind of, of ‘I know I can do it, I’ve been trained to do it,’ but believing in themselves and being able to put mentally and physically all of those components together, are all very complicated,” said Thompson.

With more than 10 years of gymnastics experience for each of them and dedication that will last a lifetime, these girls are People You Should Know.

Although she wasn’t in the video, Gracyn Bergan is the fourth gymnast who will be competing this weekend.

Good luck, girls!