Someone You Should Know: How this mom of three applies running to much more than mileage

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“Running was my saving grace,” said Danielle-Turk Bly.

Ten years ago, she didn’t consider herself much of a runner at all.

Now, she’s run about 30 marathons and has hit the road – or the treadmill – to run tens of thousands of miles.

She says at this point, she doesn’t really know life without running.

But that’s not to say that it’s become much of a chore.

Running has brought her life-long friendships, opportunities, solace, and inspiration.

It’s always been something she could do with her kids, too.

As a mom who home-schools, her typical day usually involves an early alarm and quite a few miles before her three sons wake up.

But, she says running is so integrated into her everyday life, that her kids can also appreciate it.

“Motherhood wasn’t this separate entity from running,” she said. “My kids don’t know life without mom running and it’s always been whenever I can fit it in. It’s not like, ‘okay we need to stop everything mom needs to run. It’s, ‘grab your bikes, let’s go.”

As a runner, though, she does set goals for herself.

Last month, her goal was to match a dollar for every mile and donate to a cause that’s special to her.

She was able to run 420 miles in December and gave all 420 dollars to Prairie Grit Adaptive Sports.

“It was just simply to run outside of yourself,” Danielle said.”Run because you can, because somebody else might not be able to. Finding joy in the mile outside of just, ‘I have to go run a mile.'”

Her kids take notice, too.

Ten-year-old Bodhi said, “She’s never really given up, she’s always driven to do her goals that she makes for herself.”

Danielle has been able to apply her ‘run because you can’ mantra a lot more than you might think.

Having struggled with serious health problems some years ago, she says she never expected that she’d be able to do ANY physical activity.

“Through just really working hard at my health and making that a priority, it’s like a victory… or almost like a celebration of that journey every day I’m out. So as cheesy or corny as that may sound, it truly is that celebratory opportunity for me.”

Now, through strength she’s found within herself and the support of her family, she runs double-digit mileage just about every day, is a yoga instructor, chases after Bodhi, Trout, and Finn … and all things in-between.

Her thought process to get through one mile at a time is also applied to how she lives her life.

Just one day at a time… and with each day – or mile – that passes … comes more and more gratitude.

Danielle Turk-Bly is Someone You Should Know.

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