Someone You Should Know: Jake Thrailkill, the man with his name on the marquee

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KX News is excited to bring back a timeless, weekly segment, that dates back to the 1990s with reporters you might remember like Carla Burbidge and Debbie Kuehn, and as recent as 2019 with our very own Tim Olson.

Now, the torch has been handed to KX News at 9 anchor Becky Farr.

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you there,” said Jake Thrailkill quietly.

But, of course, he did see me [Becky] there.

It’s clear that Jake Thrailkill has a sense of humor.

(sound from Good Night Live production by the Good Talk Network) “Oil prices have plummeted. Which is bad news for North Dakota but good news for me. I can now buy a barrel of oil for the same price as a case as Old Milwaukee.”

And if you recognize him, this could be why.
As the host of Good Night Live, he may not be Kimmel or Fallon, but he sure is trying, and that’s what counts, right?

“I just decided to start a show and put my name on it and convince a few people to hop on the boat,” Thrailkill said. “So there is some of that assumed self-importance that I think is hilarious. I don’t really consider myself that important.

“There is no feeling like being on stage, having hundreds of people staring at you, and then saying something and having to wait to say anything else because everyone’s laughing.”

But there’s a lot more to the 27-year-old than standing on stage and poking fun for a few laughs.

He’s a UND graduate, saying, “I was able to cram a four year degree into like, five years I think,” with a big smile.

He’s in the Minot Lions Club, Board President of the Minot Public Schools Foundation, preaches as a member of the Bethany Lutheran Church pulpit supply ministry, and having spent eight years in the North Dakota National Guard – some of which was during the 2011 flood – he has a real understanding and appreciation of what our guardsmen do every day — especially today.

“When I see them doing things that I’m not able to help with, I’m almost a little bit jealous,” he said. “But a big part of it is, these people are taking time away from their family and their obligations to help do these things to help keep us in a safer place.”

Aside from that, he’s a financial advisor, which in its own way is a form of helping people, something that means a lot to Jake.
“It’s a real adrenaline rush to see somebody get on the path to success.”

“Jake’s super fun,” his colleague David Scharpe said. “He’s passionate about a lot of different things, which I really admire about him.”

Scharpe has a good point. He’s even passionate enough about *this* [see video above] coffee mug to take up a role at Minot State University as an instructor of ballroom dance.

He explained, “I have this Minot State coffee mug.. and I got to thinking .. ‘would I use this since I went to the University of North Dakota, the premiere college in the midwest, or as we like to call it the Harvard of the midwest … then I thought ‘wow what am I going to do with this mug?’ .. and then Dr. Eckmann asked me to do some teaching there and it’s been excellent.”

So why do all these things, fill his days start to finish with work, meetings, classes, shows, and more?

“I have a terrible anxiety about missing out or not doing something that I think should be done,” he said, “and I just challenge everybody to get out and do that and to learn along the way.”

And when it really comes down to it, here’s how he says he’d describe himself:
“Um.. I would say tall, lanky, kind of goofy looking, for starters. But I think that integrity is extremely important and that’s what I strive for first is to be honest and to just do the right thing.”

So we’ll leave it at that – integrity – is one reason why Jake Thrailkill is Someone You Should Know.

If you’d like to suggest someone for Someone You Should Know, send Becky an e-mail to

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