While some of us may have a chalk-full schedule not by choice, there are others who choose to pack their days with activities, and Bismarck High School senior Lauren Erbele is one of those individuals.

“It’s definitely hard to manage,” Lauren Erbele said, “but my faith keeps me grounded, so that’s how I do it is my faith.”

A 4.0 student, Lauren is involved in Student Counsel, Peer to Peer Leadership, Student Body, National Honor Society, drama and Bible study, to name a few.
While balancing it all can be tricky, there’s a reason she does it all.

“It makes you step outside of yourself where you’re not so focused on yourself that you’re actually taking the time to get to know somebody else,” Erbele shared. “And that’s so important because it actually uplifts you in a way and taking time for yourself to really fill other people up is a good thing.”

Lauren discovered how networking, making new friends and cultivating those relationships can go a long way in life.

“Just being like friends, like just like making a connection, like just talking to people because I think a lot of times we get far away from just talking,” Erbele observed. “We’re just on our phones and I like to say that I’m a person that actually builds relationships and say ‘hey, how are you doing today?”‘

And this year Lauren decided to diversify her friendship base even more by participating in the Peer to Peer Leadership group, which is a group working to spread messages of hope, help and strength, and strive for inclusion.

“I think that’s so important to have different friends from each group, and not just be so cliquey,” Erbele said, “which I think high school has that stereotype of being cliquey, and I really want to break that and just be friends with everyone.”

Lauren acknowledges another challenge for kids, and many of us, and that is electronics and social media.
While these outlets can be good for a number of reasons, they can also negatively impact youth.

“There’s constant comparison. There’s constant, just day in and day out,” shared Erbele. “You’re just comparing yourself, and I think there’s an importance of just letting that go and being ‘Hey, this is who I am.’ I’m not going to compare myself to somebody else.”

And Lauren sees this trend often.

“I look around, and we’re all on our phones,” Erbele shared, “and I’m like, ‘No, today I’m going to set this down, I’m actually going to talk to the person next to me.”‘

And why does she decide to put the phone down and ask how somebody is doing?

“I feel like around our peers that it’s just it’s important to make real relationships, not just digital friendships or relationships that actually the real life,” said Erbele

So don’t be surprised if you happen to be walking down the halls of Bismarck High School, only to be asked “How are you doing today?”

Lauren Erbele is Someone You Should Know.