Non-profits such as animal shelters are normally asking for donations throughout the year, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, Souris Valley Animal Shelter in Minot is doing their part to give back.

The shelter began a community pantry last week that offers food and other items for your furry friends.

The goal is to provide families a way to take the best care of their pet, even during times of financial hardship.

One member of the shelter staff says it is vital to give back to the community who contributes so much to the shelter.

“It’s extremely sad to see companies and individuals who have been so generous to us go through these financial hard times, and pretty much we wanna help in any way that we can. At the shelter, we do have what’s called our community pantry which was put in place to help pet owners who are experiencing temporary financial difficulty. Pretty much what the pantry includes is dog food, cat food and any other kinda supplies that they may need,” Katie Taylor, Assistant Director of Development at SVAS said.

To learn more about the community pantry at Souris Valley Animal Shelter, click HERE.