Tina Meyer is a fifth-grade teacher at Richardton Taylor Elementary School.

She has more than seven years of experience teaching in the classroom, but that’s not counting the 20 years of subbing while she was a full-time mom.

“Since I became a teacher, there are several people in my family who are teachers. I think it’s just something we care to do. We want to make a difference in the world,” Meyer said.

When she found out she was named Stark County Teacher of the Year for 2022 it left her speechless.

“It’s very honoring, it’s very humble for me to have this title,” Meyer said.

One of her own students felt that she was so deserving of the title and thought she would help.

“My mom nominated Mrs. Meyer for the teacher of the year, of course, I told her to though,” Fifth Grade student Lyrehc Macks said.

As this year’s titleholder, colleagues have nothing but good things to say about Meyer’s hard work.

“She’s great to work with, she always goes the extra mile for her students, she reteaches to make sure that she is working on her mastery in her classroom and she is always a pleasure, very positive person,” 5-12th Grade Principal Dr. Misti Vogle said.

Meyer said with all her years combined as an educator; she has seen many changes in the classroom.

“When I went to college, there was not much for computers and now so much of everything is computerized and I’ve had to learn a lot,” Meyer said

Meyer also said she’s always wanted to be around children.

The fun thing about her job she says is when students comprehend, and she receives compliments and she can see the difference she is making.