MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — The North Dakota State Fair is one month away, and the state is getting ready for the big event.

The North Dakota State Fairgrounds host over 300,000 people on average every year.

With almost half the population of North Dakota in attendance for this week-long event, local businesses see a huge jump in sales.

“A lot of people are in town, they’re testing out the different restaurants, or coming shopping downtown, they want to see the downtown area because it’s changing so much right now. So it makes a good impact,” said Gourmet Chef owner Denise Lindbo.

The State Fair brings in many from around the state but also from surrounding states and for the first time since COVID, Canadians will be coming.

State Fair General Manger Renae Korslien is looking forward to welcoming all new visitors to Minot.

“Our Canadian friends get to come down again. The hotels and the restaurants and all those different establishments. We all get to share that economic boost during state fair,” said Korslien.

Korslien says that not only does this help Minot, but potentially the whole state of North Dakota.

“It’s a great time for all of us here in Minot, and the state of North Dakota, because a lot of those people come down here, they hit the fair first and maybe they move on to Medora, maybe they move on to another city in Minot, so it’s really good for all of us,” said Korslien.

Before the pandemic, Visit Minot said that the North Dakota State Fair and Norsk Høstfest combined have a $90 million economic impact on the state and local economy.

This year, the state wants to see those same numbers again.

The State Fair will head into Minot from July 22-30.