As KX News reported in August, the North Dakota State Library joined the American Library Association in denouncing one publisher’s new lending policy.

Macmillan Publishers’ policy says libraries can only buy one copy of their e-books for the first eight weeks after it’s published, a rule that’s never been in place for actual books.

That went into effect, November 1st, making it so over 250,000 readers in North Dakota will have to share one copy.

Our state library responded by boycotting Macmillan e-books, originally through January.

As of February 1st, State Librarian Mary Soucie says the library has decided to continue the boycott, indefinitely.

She tells us she was at a conference with Macmillan CEO John Sargent last week, and the company is definitely continuing with the embargo. Soucie says Sargent said, it will be March before Macmillan has any idea if the plan is successful or not.

State libraries across the country are also participating in the boycott.

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