With technology evolving, users need to keep up to date to potentially evade a threat.

“The most accessible, the more open system are, the more vulnerable they are. The more tied down they are, the less useable they become.” Information Technology consultant Steve Snow said.

Technology is not bad. The problem is there has just been too much growth with little to no oversight.
And both hackers and scammers know this and that is why we have to be aware.

“I always say jokingly if you think of a caveman, the moment he made a wheel; wasn’t that technology?” Fisher Technologies director, Leslie Fisher said. “We’ve had technology in our life all the time. During the pandemic, it just increased exponentially.”

With school out for the summer, that means more time spent using technology. Fisher says keeping track of what your children are browsing can help keep them safe.

“Parenting right now is just a daunting task. Just like my heart goes out to teachers, my heart goes out to parents. Parents really need to try to make sure they understand what their children are looking at on their devices,” Fisher said.

“It’s the same thing parents have always done. Parents are trying to keep them from the bad guys,” Snow said.

That means parents need to learn more about the technology their children use. Identifying websites that aren’t legitimate and protecting your passwords are some ways to remain protected from a cybersecurity attack.