This week, North Dakotans could see triple-digit temperatures, so staying hydrated is important. For those who don’t like drinking water though, other products can help them keep hydrated.

“You can do a cold herbal infusion; this one is watermelon and cucumber mint. It sounds really good. You can just do some juice every now and then. I wouldn’t drink juice the whole day but you need carbohydrates, it’s going to be able to help you hold on to it longer,” Sanford Health registered dietitian Rachel Iverson said.

As the temperature rises to the 90s, North Dakotans are already feeling those summer temperatures.
But a person could be within a few minutes of overheating if not hydrated especially at over 100 degrees.

“You might experience migraines, light headaches, some pounding in your head physiologically, your body is going to be creating some of your stress hormones,” Iverson said.

Gauging for dehydration could be as simple as checking urine.

“If you are apple juice or darker, you’re dehydrated, if you’re in a lemonade to clear you’re in a decent hydrated state,” Iverson said.

Caffeinated drinks offer a boost for day-to-day activities, but Iverson said people should still have water as well.

“We want to be cautious about that as for your coffee, or your pop or anything that had caffeine with it,” Iverson said.