As we continue to see more snow, the need to be prepared is vital.

KX News spoke with people in our community to see how they are preparing for the storm.

And grocery stores have been busy — to say the least.

“Monday was very aggressive, very busy,” said Craig Heupel, the store manager of the South Broadway Marketplace Foods. “Very strong rush. I don’t think I’ve seen it as busy as yesterday in my 20 years of working at Marketplace.”

One customer waited to do all his shopping on Tuesday to avoid the crowd, but the store was still filled with customers.

“I keep my freezer pretty well stocked so I just needed a couple items and I thought I’d get out and beat the crowd but obviously I didn’t,” said Les Anderson.

Heupel says there were many items that were in high demand by shoppers.

“Strong demand was for milk, eggs, bananas, potatoes,” said Heupel. “And we in fact ran completely out of milk which I have never seen.”

Other items that people may need for the storm are also found at your local hardware store.

“We’re selling a few shovels, ice melt, roof rakes,” said Jen Slind, the owner and manager of Ace Hardware. “People have called about snow blowers. Mostly people getting ready looking for shear pins and parts for their snow blowers. People are also preparing themselves in case we have a power outage too so some heaters, flashlights, batteries, those types of things.”

She says business has been steady over the last few days leading up to the storm — and she even had to pull a few of the snow items out from the back.

“We live in North Dakota so spring and winter both happen in the same month sometimes in April,” said Slind.

While many people are not looking forward to the snow, Anderson says this storm is providing something we all need.

“I’m really glad that we’re getting the moisture because we need moisture desperately whether its rain, I would prefer rain, but I’ll take snow,” he added.

He says he goes outside every day, so he plans to take a walk or shovel snow to pass the time that he’s stuck at home.

The blizzard conditions are expected to make travel difficult to impossible, so only travel for emergencies.