As most of the state prepares for this week’s snowstorm, many stores have already been very busy.

“I saw like the biggest movement on Friday and Saturday and that’s when they decided that they wanted to come in and take advantage of the shopping days,” said Nikki Glover, store manager of Tractor Supply Co. in Minot.

She says whenever a big storm hits, more business is expected.

“Absolutely, I mean definitely when there’s news that that something like this happens,” said Glover. “But again, we’re North Dakota so we usually get that final storm, and hopefully this is the final storm. So they do wanna prepare and make sure because most of our customers, they don’t live here in Minot.”

With the beginning of Spring and warm days for the last few weeks, many stores already put away many of their winter items.

“We did have them in back, but we only have two left as you can see for our snowblowers,” said Glover. “So we have the Troy Bilt and Husqvarna out here that are ready to go for that storm.”

While many people are looking for snow equipment, Glover says that’s not her big seller.

“We’re a feed store so we’ve had a lot of people coming to just get their feed prepared and ready to go for this storm,” said Glover.

Glover says she also recommends using livestock salt to clear snow if you have no sidewalk salt available.

The Tractor Supply Co. stays open Tuesday until 9 p.m. if you would like to do more shopping before the storm hits.