As snow clean-up begins, stores around the state are starting to reopen their doors.

Marketplace Foods in Minot opened at normal businesses hours just in time for the holiday weekend.

After spending hours removing snow from their parking lot a day ahead of time, the popular grocery store opened its doors bright and early.

Since then, the rush hasn’t stopped.

Customers have been shopping for their weekend needs and getting their long-awaited caribou coffee.

After groceries were cleaned out in preparation for the storm, Marketplace received a shipment of all grocery essentials.

The store manager says they restocked their shelves and got a fresh delivery of milk and bread.

They said they expect a high level of traffic throughout the store, but are prepared for the busy weekend ahead

“We’re open, were going to be stocked, and want to provide whatever we can to make you all comfortable and have a wonderful holiday,” said Craig Heupel.

Marketplace will be closing at 2 p.m. on Easter Sunday so that their employees can spend time with their families.