MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — As students are heading back to school, some schools will have more students than they did last year.

This is true for Bishop Ryan Catholic School and Our Redeemer’s Christian School.

In Minot, private Christian schools are seeing continuous growth in their enrollment numbers.

The School President at Bishop Ryan Catholic School offers a holistic approach to education.

“Students have a stable learning environment that they know kind of what they’re getting on a daily basis and they can put some of those distractions aside and really focus on learning. But they’re also then gonna find a place that’s really focused on God and wanting to include our faith into what we do providing for them a faith and a moral foundation for the whole of life,” said Father Jadyn Nelson.

Father Nelson says he believes there are many reasons for the growth including parents liking the faculty and staff.

“Parents are really looking for a school environment that meets their, or is associated with their values at home so that what we do in the classroom corresponds with what they’re trying to do as parents,” said Father Nelson.

At Our Redeemer’s Christian School, the growth has been steady over the last four years and the school administrator agrees that the people who work there contribute to that.

“Seeing that some of the changes just in society that have happened rapidly I think has led to more inquiring and look at Christian education and I think that’s the number one reason. Secondly, I think that there has been some crowding in some local schools and that’s a factor as well. And then the third thing, I think that we’ve just really been blessed with being able to hire some fantastic teachers,” said Jeff Ringstead.

While Ringstead welcomes the growth, he says finding the space to accommodate the students will become more difficult as time goes on.

“We will reach a point where we are just full. We do not have an area where we can expand and build on and we would probably just have to say on a waiting list. So right now we are currently doing that for certain grade levels,” said Ringstead.

Both Ringstead and Father Nelson say they’re excited for what the new school year will bring for students and for the schools.

Bishop Ryan Catholic School started classes on Thursday and Our Redeemer’s Christian School starts school next Wednesday.