The average cell phone user may not think about how much time is being spent on social media platforms which is why Century High School students are sharing how lives can be impacted by social media use.

“We turn to our phones, we turn to our safe space and sometimes safe spaces are not the phones, sometimes social media can be dangerous, it can be addicting, just all of those things that can make you feel bad,” Claire Chumley, a Century High School student said.

This is why a group of students are giving presentations on ways that hand-held device usage can be harmful. Topics like lack of confidence, mental health, and even mental health are some art pieces containing information.

”If it comes from the people, it is affecting me the most like teens then it will be the most impactful,” Chumley said.

Century High School student Jordan Jones’ project is a tree with branches all connecting to the numerous social media outlets and how they can be addictive and affect the human mind.

“I feel like people who view my project will take that with an open mind and check on their children and view the activities they are looking into,” Jones said.

Students hope users will look into the mirror and see their reflection, hoping to crack the excessive usage.

“It’s going to be detrimental to their mental health if they are on social media too much,” Jones said.

“I hope that people can see what’s actually happening to us and see that social media can be addictive and we’re not just lying about that,” Chumley said.

Today is the final day for the art show display.