BURLINGTON — Students at Des-Lacs Burlington Elementary are getting in the Christmas spirit.

“We’ve started this tradition where teachers can nominate a student that they feel there might be need,” said Sue Kranz, Principal.

Teachers we’re allowed to wear jeans at school, but all for a cost. The result was $900 raised for kids who may not have a special Christmas as some of the other students.

“It’s so fun to make those parent phone calls to say, ‘hey your child was nominated for this, would it be OK if we did some Christmas shopping for you?'” adds Kranz.

Students who were nominated made out wish lists of things they wanted from Christmas, and even though teachers raised the money, they weren’t the ones crossing off the items.

She adds, “There are three students from 4th grade, 5th grade and 6th grade so they are the nine students who got to come with us to do the shopping.”

The group is apart of the student council and they said it makes them feel good to do something so special for others.

“It makes me feel really good that I’m doing something for someone that needs something,” said a group of students.

Art supplies, clothes and board games were a few items on the lists of students ranging from elementary to high school. The student council members said seeing what other kids ask for makes them appreciate things more.

They add, “It’s really sad, that they don’t get the same things we get every year. But it does make me feel happy though that we have people that can help out.”

So on Christmas morning when it’s time to open presents…no student will be without a gift to unwrap.

Not only was this a lesson about giving back to others, but students also used some math and teamwork while they shopped.