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Teachers aren’t the only ones wanting to stay safe and healthy this upcoming school year.

The students they’re instructing also have some concerns as the first day of classes comes closer.

Just like the NFL or MLB draft, school leaders across North Dakota are on the clock.

Every second that passes is a second closer to students walking back into the building during a global pandemic.

To say the responsibility placed on these individuals is herculean is an understatement, as every parent wants their child to remain healthy.

So for school officials that may be watching this story, we reached out to your students to see what their worries and concerns are and what they would like to see when they walk back into the classroom next month.

For Caz Schindler, a soon to be senior at UMary, he’d love to keep everyone in a bubble on campus but says that’s unrealistic.

“At the same time you have to realize the students are all adults, they all have their own lives, things come up and you can’t restrict them from traveling. So I would do what I can to keep them on campus but at the end of the day it’s up to them if they want to go out and do something,” said Schindler.

Students KX News talked with told us obviously, they want to feel safe while they’re in the classroom, but they also want to feel safe throughout the entire school day, and that includes the bus ride to and from school, while they’re eating lunch, having recess and even in the gymnasium.

One of those is Demi Black, an incoming freshman at St. Mary’s High School. She hopes officials make a decision and stick to it but does not want a hybrid mix of in-class and online learning.

“I think it would be hard for teachers to upload all their assignments online and then do them in class too, and they would have to take two test days for the kids online and then the kids in school I feel that would be a lot more work than just doing it all online or all in school,” said Black.

High school is hard enough on an adolescent before you toss in a global pandemic, and while Black suggested teachers offer masks for students to wear, Legacy Freshman Connor Grabow, who didn’t want his face on camera, says mask shaming could run rampant in the hallways.

“Knowing the kids in my grade, if someone took that, they would get made fun of for the next six months, and maybe even through the next year, like hey, remember when jimmy took a mask!?” said Grabow.

One thing we do know is school leaders have a lot of decisions to make and limited time to make them before the bell rings.

All three students we spoke with say they have no idea how to keep students like kindergartners and first graders socially distanced, just because of how naturally curious they are.

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