BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — The first day of the T4 Summit kicked off in Bismarck.

T4 introduces students to workforce skills, training, and networking opportunities with industry leaders and technicians.

During the event, high schoolers were introduced to the pipeline industry.

“We name off all the different types of jobs that we need in the pipeline industry,” said Annette Sluder, pipeline operation engineer.

Many industrial jobs only require a two-year degree, such as surveyors, engineers, welders, and diesel mechanics.

And, instructors brought with them different props for students to interact with.

“We brought little pipeline models and we are having the kids put those together. And then we are explaining how to pipeline works,” said Sluder.

Quentin Hauser is an instrumentation specialist who went through a two-year program in Bismarck.

He says these events are important because it opens a range of different doors to students.

“I think it’s important for people to know you can make a good living and be successful with a two-year degree. Too many people get into debt for seemingly no reason,” said Hauser.

Jon McShane also went through a program in Bismarck and says the summit was a great opportunity to tell students about their experiences.

“There’s a lot of things that happen behind the scenes,” said McShane. “So, we brought out a controls panel and we illustrate how things work. Letting people see inputs and outputs happen in real-time.”

Officials say events like these also help the state’s workforce.

“Any industry or any profession you talk to right now is looking for people. Some of the greatest need is those in need of technical training and skills,” said Dave Farnsworth, chair of North Dakota’s workforce council.

T4 is a summit that’s been going on for years and students all across the state and even some from Montana come to participate.

Officials say it has a major impact in helping students get their foot in the door.

Wednesday’s summit was for students in high school. On Thursday, the middle schoolers will get the chance to experience the summit, for themselves.

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