Students from nine school districts between grades fourth through eighth received hands-on experience designing and creating robots for the First Lego League Challenge at the Bismarck Career Academy and Technical Center.

The STEM-centered tournament allows students to design a robot and program it to perform special missions.

Sophia Jacobson is one student participating in the tournament. She said it took a lot of teamwork and four days to build.

Jacobson also told KX News about the capabilities of the team’s robot.

“It does the airdrop, the crane and a couple other programs,” Jacobson said.

This is the sixth year for the regional competition to be held in Bismarck. Students from Wilton, Fessenden and Bismarck all competed in the tournament.

Out of all schools represented, robots had their own unique shapes and sizes, which one Bismarck student said can help with responsiveness toward tasks.

“It’s small so that it doesn’t get stuck between two missions like a crane and airdrop,” Emma Mills said.

There were several different prize categories ranging from Grand Champion to Core Value and Robot Design-Most Useful.