Fifth-grade Moses Elementary school student Carson Braun takes pride in riding his bike along with other students.

“This is my first geared bike I would say. It’s the biggest bike,” Braun said.

He and other elementary school students are proud of riding their bikes to and from school.

“We’re friends but we’re not in the same class. We can just go to the park after school,” Braun said.

The Moses Moves More program weighs in on keeping students active. How to ride a bike safely in addition to wearing a helmet were some of the lessons learned.

“Look at how you feel if you’re active. We talk about the benefits of being active, they’re not just doing it. They’re hearing why they’re doing it,” Moses Elementary School Nurse Michelle Dever said.

Dever said healthy minds start with staying in shape in and outside the classroom.

“They’re going to be able to focus on their schoolwork, they’re going to have the energy to play and work hard. We know we’re in the school year when we get all together in those buildings. There’s a lot of germs going around. Their immune systems are going to be able to fight off those germs a lot faster if they’re active and healthy,” Dever said.

The school also partnered with Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health, bringing awareness of all the benefits that can come from such an initiative.

“Recognizing that it’s so great for kids academically for them to get this activity throughout the day. When we can do so and tie it into the school day by walking, biking, or rolling. That just brings that extra level of improvement and learning and behavior,” Bismarck Burleigh Public Health Nutrition Services Coordinator Katie Johnke said.

Bike technicians from Scheels gave free tune-ups and taught the riders how to keep their bikes in top riding condition.

“They’ll come down and talk to our service techs just to understand the importance of going to service their bikes, making sure the brakes are working properly, proper seating adjustment and the kids really enjoy working right with the bike techs on learning how to properly care for their bikes,” Scheels Community Relations Melissa Neutman said.

One parent is all for the program and said her kids love it.

“My kids are excited because they learn when it’s after school and they know that those are the days that they can ride their bike. They love the bike riding aspect of it,” parent Autumn Markert said.