Summertime fun in North Dakota


When you live in North Dakota you don’t take summer for granted, especially since it snows about eight months out of the year.

We’re known for hunting, fishing, and farming. But in the summertime many people stay cool by hitting the river, walking a trail or sightseeing.

All the things you can do on a nice sunny day.

We spoke with people on what summer means to them and how they will enjoy the few weeks we have left.

“This morning I was on my little kayak and just floating around a little bit. I caught some walleye fish enough for tacos. So, it is beautiful fresh fish here,” said Dave Murphy, North Dakota resident.

“I really like to go tubing and swimming with friends and family and obviously the fireworks on the Fourth of July. You can’t beat that,” said Tayva Upgren, North Dakota resident.

“I really like summer because it snows a lot in the winter,” said Siri Upgren, North Dakota resident.

Being one of the coldest states in the United States, people take advantage of the summer.

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