BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET)– With a nine percent increase in overdose-related deaths over the past year, North Dakota is seeing a major uptick in substance abuse. However, the Peace Garden State is also taking many different measures to tackle this problem — and one local business is also doing its part to combat the issue in our communities.

Ideal Option was founded eleven years ago, by emergency medical providers who were seeing an influx of opiate use disorder in the E.R. They now have a location on Divide Avenue in Bismarck, where they use patient-specific, evidence-based treatment to aid people struggling with substance abuse disorders.

“We don’t need a referral for someone to come here,” states Ideal Option DNP Trevor Stavig. “You can come on your own volition, whether that be today or the day you want to recover. You can walk right through the doors, and we will see you.”

Community outreach Coordinator Missy Tillman says that one of the most important measures we can take in combatting substance abuse is to destigmatize it so we can see it as a disease that needs treatment — and that the organization’s willingness to provide walk-in treatment can be the difference between life and death. She also notes that there are many people in our community who can benefit from such a service.

“I think that’s so, so important because it’s crucial that when somebody is ready for help, that there’s somebody here to help,” said Tillman. I recently did another event in Minot, and I had a young lady who saw our ideal option table. She came running up to me, and just hugged the heck out of me. And I had only spoken with her on the phone. I didn’t know her by face. I only knew her first name, and she just said, ‘You have no idea how much you have helped me'”.

Ideal Option also offers treatment for those who struggle with alcohol use disorders. The group also notes that help provide all patients with support from their community at large.

“Community resources, housing, that sort of thing,” explains Tillman. “If it might be insurance-wise, any kind of peer support, cultural support, that’s part of my job too, so we stay very connected with our patients to ensure that they’re getting the holistic care that they need.”

Ideal Option will be hosting an open house at its Minot clinic on Wednesday, September 27, in the new Blu on Broadway building. You can find more about Ideal Option by reading their annual report here.