A soup cafe normally meant to feed people is now helping to feed our four legged friends.

Tails of the Midwest, an animal rescue, has teamed up with Heaven’s Helpers Soup Cafe.

A community food pantry will be set up at Heaven’s Helpers.

The animal rescue will be giving away dog and cat food, toys and treats to any pet owner in need.

We spoke with the rescue’s co-founder who says there’s a need in the community for these supplies and they want to fill the gap.

“With COVID going on and just in general you know, people hit positions in their life where they can’t afford some of the basic necessities in life. And I’ve been there. I have struggled to feed my own dogs at one point and somebody gave me dog food,” shared Melissa Carson, the co-founder of Tails of the Midwest.

Carson says she’s seen an increase in animals being given up by families who simply can’t afford them.