Kelsey Nisbet transformed her living room into a classroom for her four-year-old son Will.

“I come in and he’s even like ‘Mommy you’re my teacher,’ and being in education and stuff I do miss that aspect of being around kids and teaching with kids and being with kids,” Nisbet said.

Nisbet shares that same experience with her four-year-old son and enrolled him in the Waterford Upstart Program, a prekindergarten program involving computer learning modules.

“I researched it and being in education myself knowing that my son is going to be starting kindergarten and going into preschool and getting some more education was very important,” Nisbet said.

William started learning his letters, and phonics and is now sounding out his words. There are also math and science components with the modules and the best part is, that it comes at no cost.

“We’ve only signed up 223; that means we have room for 577 children. That’s 577 opportunities that people could pass up and we don’t want that to happen,” Waterford Upstart Public Relations Manager John McCann said.

Nisbet said she would recommend it for anyone

“I liked how when we started the program it started from his level, it’s not generic, it caters to the individual child and what they need which is so important,” Nisbet said.

A laptop and also internet access have provided something McCann and Nesbit say are important tools when it comes to learning.

‘When he first started, he didn’t know a lot of his letters, he wasn’t interested in it,” Nisbet said.

“The kids will be able to identify letters and then we’ll build upon that, and students will realize ah, each letter has a particular sound,” McCann said.

With prekindergarten programs, kids are putting the building blocks of learning together one piece at a time. Registration for the Waterford Upstart Program is open until September 9th. To learn more click here.