MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — A local music teacher, who has been nationally recognized for her Tik Tok videos, now has a song on most major streaming services.

Risha Allen has been posting videos in her classroom since last school year, which was her first year as an elementary school music teacher.

“I would write little songs with kids and then I would forget ’em if I didn’t record ’em. And then it was just so cute that I started sharing it with friends and family like on Facebook and everybody just raved about it. And one of my friends was like you should put this on Tik Tok, which I wasn’t on Tik Tok yet, and pretty much as soon as I did, it went viral,” said Allen.

Allen says last year, she noticed some of her students’ moods changed as it got closer to winter break.

She says there were more feelings of angst than excitement.

“The more I learned about their stories, the more it just broke my heart that some of them would rather be at school than go home. And for some of them, the holidays don’t mean any excitement at all. And I didn’t really know how to process that, but I’m a songwriter and so I just started thinking about it in my heart. And just one night I, I guess I dreamt it. Because I rolled over and I was singing it,” said Allen.

And this year, she says she decided to record the song, “Teacher’s Christmas Wish”, in the studio with some of her students.

“It was just awesome seeing them with a big studio mic and all of them crowded around and really watching for my direction, hearing him cut the clips. And there were some really fun parts like the kids, they’re just goofy. They were so, so silly and goofy, but then serious when they needed to be,” said Allen.

And her students agree. They say they had a great time.

“It was just like so cool that like all my friends were there. And I wasn’t there alone. It sounded so cool at the end so my favorite part was probably having everyone else there,” said third-grader Janie Skarphol.

“When she started to write songs, I wanted to write songs,” said second-grader Jaycee Neether.

Allen teaches music at Roosevelt and John Hoeven elementary schools.

And the principal at John Hoeven says Allen shows how school staff really cares for the students.

“The cool thing is that it just demonstrates that we care for kids beyond the beginning of the day bell and the end of the day bell. We care about our kids all the time,” said John Alstad.

Allen says she hopes her song inspires her students to know that they can be creative as well.