Summer is winding down, and the start of the school year is fast approaching. Center School teachers like Melissa Froseth and Donna Davidson are getting their classrooms ready.

“We are making our plans. We are figuring out what works really well, what doesn’t, what needs to be tweaked or what units need to be scrapped or completely overhauled,” Center Stanton teacher Melissa Froseth said.

Plans that include school supplies such as paper, pencils, and notebooks are all items students need to be successful.

“They lose things, they forget things. It’s nice to have extras in my classroom. I really want the focus of when I’m in my classroom to be on what the material is and what we need to accomplish while we’re here,” Froseth said.

School materials and supplies are purchased before the upcoming school year, which means they avoided all the shipping issues and delays.

“We’re fortunate enough not to be hit with too many of the shipping delays that have happened locally,” Froseth said.

Davidson and Froseth both don’t mind purchasing supplies out of their own pockets when necessary.

“It’s a lot easier on me to have a kid to have a folder than it is to worry about the 50 cents that it cost me to buy a folder,” Center Stanton teacher Donna Davidson said.

Larger school districts like Bismarck Public School also have demands for school supplies.

“Items that we’re always in need of are backpacks, they’re a little bit of a high-ticket item and some of those families can’t afford that,” Bismarck Public Schools Foundation development director Stacey Lang said.

Funds from the Community Development organization help provide other sources of funding.

“We provide $140 additional to every teacher to be able to enhance their classroom and we have some really creative teachers who did some really amazing things with the additional funding,” Lang said.

On August 17th from 6 am to 6 pm, the annual fill the bus will be at the North and South Red Carpet Carwash locations, which will help provide school supplies to families in need.