In August, a third-grade teacher from Dorothy Moses Elementary School was placed on administrative leave.

She says explicit text messages were the reason, however, the investigation has been closed and the allegations have been refuted.

After several court appearances in the last few months, Nicole Gabel has been cleared of all accusations and says she has been back working at Bismarck Public Schools since September 23.

It’s been hard on her emotionally she says, but she would like to give a public statement clearing her name and thanking all those who stood by her during this trying time.

“Last week in the office, I googled my name and this story was the first thing that popped up. I don’t want upcoming students to see that and have it not proved false,” said Gabel.

She stresses that she absolutely did not send the text messages and it’s been proven in the court system. She said it takes a lot to prove you’re innocent and it was disheartening that people would spread something so quickly over social media before they knew the facts.

Nicole said she is happy to get her statement out and looks forward to living a normal life.

Bismarck Public Schools issued a short statement Monday on the investigation stating, “A comprehensive investigation on allegations made against BPS employee Nicole Gabel has been completed.  The allegations brought forth against Ms. Gabel were refuted.  Ms. Gabel has been reassigned to her contracted duties.”

She said paperwork filed against the people involved are in the hands of the State’s Attorney, waiting for the next steps.