Williston Basin School District #7 voted unanimously on Monday to accept Superintendent Dr. Jeff Thake’s resignation. Now, the terms of his resignation have been released.

KEYZ-AM Radio obtained documents regarding Dr. Thake’s separation agreement on Tuesday. The separation says he will receive his regular payroll and health insurance benefits through April 30, 2022.

He’s also barred from seeking legal action against the district and inferring their fault for his resignation. KEYZ says both the district and Dr. Thake agreed to a non-disparagement agreement, which prevents both parties from implying or alleging that any wrongful, unlawful or tortuous actions were taken by either side.

More terms of the separation include a letter to be sent out to staff, students, parents and/or the community explaining his resignation, and to return any property that belongs to the district before he can receive his pay.

Dr. Thake was placed on paid administrative leave because of alleged discrepancies in funds used to support the creation of District 7. It remains unclear how much is unaccounted for.

He submitted his resignation on Friday, Nov. 12.

To read the full separation agreement, click here.