MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — Rodeo fans will be lining up in Minot between October 13 and 15 as the Badlands Circuit Rodeo is coming to town with some rodeo queens riding them.

Palomino Horses or as their owners call them the Bailey Blonds. These horses have a gold coat and white mane.

There is Cleopatra, Esmerelda, Cesar, Frances, Seven, Denny, and Presho. They have been with these horses for three seasons so far and hope to continue with more.

“We are the only stock contractor in this part of the world that has a set of horses like this that all match. And they all have some differences of course in how they look but for the most part, since they are all palominos, we consider them a matching string. A lot of contractors will have paints or solid black horses. We chose to have the palominos just to be a little bit different and it just makes it look really nice; in your productions in whatever you might be doing during the radio whether it is running flags or the queens using them to clear cattle or whatever the case may be They just look good. A matching string just kind of looks good,” said Brandee Moore, a Committee Member for Rodeo Minot.

During the rodeos, the horses are always on the move. They are bred like this well-equipped for all lives on the farm.

But being in front of a loud, cheering crowd isn’t for every horse, but these Bailey Blonds are ready!

“Things we do to help them keep their anxiety low is like for instance when the queens are lining up in the alley going to carry the flags in and out we make sure that valley is clear and calm not people back there or loud throwing their hands acting around you know we just try to make sure the atmosphere stays calm to keep their anxiety down and let them do their job without feeling like they are going to run over somebody or something is going to go wrong,” said Moore.

Rodeo Minot produces the Badlands Circuit Finals and Brandee Moore and Shane Gunderson are committee members for Rodeo Minot.

Furthermore, they are even partners in Bailey Pro Rodeo. And these beautiful horses are with them every step of the way.

“These horses go with us pretty much everywhere we go and if I had to guess we probably put on 1oo thousand miles a year going to rodeos. They darn sure get around. They are not with us all the time but they put on alto of miles,” said Shane Gunderson, a Committee Member for Rodeo Minot.

With traveling comes caring for the animals and making sure they are healthy. That requires constant cleaning and round-the-clock care.

“We run about 200 bucking horses, 50, 60 head of bulls, and these horses around. You know what every day is full of animal care. Whether you want to or not there is always a job to do with them. From maintenance to just everyday care,” said Gunderson.

It’s a lot of work but it’s rewarding to watch them inspire so many people in North Dakota and throughout the country.

Each rider has a special relationship with his or her horse. And that relationship only gets stronger throughout the years.