The Trinity Lutheran Church’s free meal center, better known as The Banquet, is moving to a new venue.

The Banquet has always focused on cooking nourishing homemade meals to serve the community.

It was first opened in 2005, operating out of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Bismarck on Thursday Evenings.

Since then, The Banquet has grown to feeding 1,000 people over the span of four days a week.

And now that The Banquet has a home at the new Dream Center Bismarck, both the number served and the days worked are about to increase.

“It was very nice of Trinity Lutheran to share their space for many years,” said volunteer sponsor Tom Heilman, “And we were just outgrowing the space. It’s wonderful to see a building like this pop up in Bismarck.”

Their hall in the Dream Center will be open every day with food for anyone who wants to eat — especially the homeless, the elderly and low-income families.

With the help of their sponsors, they hope to make a difference in the community by providing a place where everyone can come together.

The smiles, they say, are thanks enough.

“Just seeing The Banquet grow is great,” said Executive Director Karla Eisenbeisz,” And the people are so thankful when they do come and get a meal. Hearing that thank you from the guests that come through the line…it puts a warm, fuzzy feeling in you, the feeling that you’re doing something great for the community.”

The Banquet’s first meal at the new location took place tonight at 5:30. Meatballs and fish were served in honor of Lent.