The Camaros of North Dakota Car Club hosts a car show educating the public on safety

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The Camaros of North Dakota Car Club hosted a car show Sunday not only to show off the vehicles,
but also to teach the public about safe driving and how to avoid the deadly consequences that can come with distractions, speeding, and other obstacles behind the wheel.

Car owners are showing off their rides old and new, and are sharing the importance of being a safe driver before hopping behind the wheel.

“To be safe drivers, you can’t do things that are irresponsible. You have to think of other drivers, other than yourself, and families too. It’s just preaching safety when you’re driving vehicles old or new, ”said Mike Raber, car owner Participant.

“It’s an education for the young children too that are getting their license out there. We had things that they should and shouldn’t do when getting pulled over, and some things of consequences as a distracted drive,” said Cory Glaser, President of Camaros of North Dakota.

The community chipped in to be a part of the event including a live-rescue re-enactment by the Bismarck Fire Department in hopes of catching young drivers’ attention.

“We educate them on the consequences so they can see what happens when you roll over a vehicle because of the wrong choices, and stuff like that, and going out seeing how emergency services respond when you are in a situation like that. Hopefully, they learn from that,” Glaser said.

Century High school teacher Laurie Foerderer said it’s emotional for teachers and students when learning a student has died behind the wheel.

“We lost a student earlier this summer. It’s a horrible feeling, it’s a horrible thing; especially when you hear that maybe they didn’t have their seat belt on, maybe they were drinking, maybe they were distracted on their phones, and these are all things we talked about in my classroom and really all of our classrooms,” said Foerderer.

Lex Belile is a graduate of Century High and is volunteering to help spread awareness of safe driving to students attending now.

“One way to help enforce safety is to be there and support other people and help guide their decisions.
For me, supporting people is by bringing awareness to things that they really believe in, and sometimes that’s all you need,”Belile said.

She said things may have been different for drivers at her school if this information were available.

“I think there would have been a lot more safety when it came to driving because there’s been a lot of kids that I know that have had really bad car accidents and I think a lot of them could have been prevented if they had known about these things,” Belile added.

This was the first safety demonstration hosted by the car club at Century High School.

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