Minot, N.D. (KXNET) — Some may need a little hair of the dog on Saturday mornings…

Many runners and their furry friends got just that at the Hair of the Dog event in Minot Saturday.

The 5K, beer mile and derby had more than 150 dogs and owners crossing the finish lines.

This is the first year of the Hair of the Dog run, and it was put on by Run with Heart and Soul, a group that sponsors active events to give back to the community. 

With food trucks, pet-friendly vendor booths and specialty beer, profits were raised to support local animal rescue shelters.

Atypical Brewery has an all-night celebration in support of the cause, set with live music, activities and an award ceremony for the winners of the races.

“The Minot community does have a large amount of competitive runners. So, we do like to cater to them, so we have trophies and prizes, these really cool trophies with the Hair of the Dog logo on them. I’ve never seen a wiener dog derby and I’ve heard there really fun, and I’m really excited to see how that plays out,” said Lindsay Hoes, the owner of Run with Heart and Sole.

Dogs from local animal shelters were able to join in on the fun as well, and some were even adopted at the event.