MANDAN, N.D. (KXNET) — Huff Hills will be open on Thanksgiving weekend. This year is the earliest opening they’ve had in the 30 years that they’ve been operating.

Reporter Taylor Aasen was there Wednesday and showed us the process that she went through to get fitted for skis.

She talked with Andy Beck, the Mountains Operations Manager at Huff Hills, to learn more about which skis are the best for beginners and for the pros as well.

“We’ve got a range of sizes. All the way from junior to adult. Skis are usually sized primarily by height. So, a long time ago, they (skis) might’ve been over your head way back in the day. But now, skis tend to be somewhere around that chin level is what we shoot for. The skis have really evolved over the last ten or fifteen years, too. So, they’re easier to turn now than they were in the past. If we can shoot for that chin to nose, that’s usually a great length for somebody to start with,” explained Beck.

Huff Hills ski resort offers rentals at a rate of $25. If you’re new to skiing, they also offer classes on how to start your downhill journey.