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A social media post is sparking interest after the owner at Mandan Dairy Queen, Mike Wieland, posted that he’s paying school tuition for his employee’s.

“College tuition is very expensive and we pay for our own college,” said Kendra Miller, Employee.

18 year old, Kendra Miller is a high school graduate that works at Dairy Queen. She takes orders, works the drive-thru and is now getting help to pay for college.

“I am enrolled in the University of Mary and I intend to go into social work. It’s really nice that I’m not only making money while I’m working but I’m making that extra 15 percent,” said Miller.

Wieland decided to participate in an educational assistance program four years ago to help employees further their education. And all the money they get comes out of his pocket.

He is paying for college tuition by contributing 15 percent of an employee’s gross wage into the program up to $1,200 every year. Employees must work a minimum of 1,800 hours and have worked there for 3 years.

“It’s a way to give back to them and let them know that we care about the time you have given us. It’s another way to reward the kids and adults for sticking with us for an extended period of time,” said Mike Wieland.

Currently, there are 37 employees and 80 percent of them are in the program. As for Miller, she has a few years until she receives the money but she already knows what she’s going to do with it.

Wieland gave out six checks to employees since he started.

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