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Mamma Mia. Here we go again! The famous stage play is set to show this evening at the Summer Theatre in Minot. 

Theater is an influential factor in the lives of many. Creativity can flourish, academics can improve, and means of self expression can be developed.

“We also need room for the arts, and one of the arts is theater. Its one of the arts that combine music and visual art. It combines everything.” says April Hubbard. “So we like to say hey, theatre, we’ve got it all. We’ve got the music, we’ve got the visual art.”

Minot State University no long offers a Theatre major, but instead a minor. April, a graduate of MSU, believes in the theatre program and hopes that others will see the benefit from it.

“I really hope that they have a chance to build it back and get the major back. It was a phenomenal part of my life and the reason I’m in theatre now.” says April.

Mamma Mia is one of four productions put on by the theater. And every summer, graduates of MSU come back to continue their love of the arts. 

“I’ve always loved music and theatre since I was kid and I really never saw myself doing anything else and I know that this touches people in a way that nothing else really can in this world and its a way to get to peoples hearts.” adds Kayla Capp.

The play runs about 2 hours total. Providing cast, crew and audience time to fully immerse themselves in the arts.

Kayla says,” When its comes to theatre arts as well, its a way for us to really express ourselves and to show a different part of ourselves and to give people a show that they’ve never seen before.”

“The arts are life. If there are no arts, its almost like having an empty canvas and the arts is everything.” says Jared Kolles

Already sold out for opening night, the cast and crew are ready to break a leg, and show the community why programs like this matter. 

Kayla adds, “I have great affection for this place and I am so thrilled to see that people are still giving their heart and giving their all to Minot State University.”

The play will go on through June 17th. For ticket information, CLICK HERE.

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