MINOT, N.D. (KXNET) — While blizzard conditions have many people stuck at home, one couple had “sNOw” worries about heading to the courthouse to get married on Friday.

“We actually planned this like two weeks ago so still before we got the forecast before the snow, but we had planned it to be today,” said Sierra Archbold, the bride.

But, with the road conditions and the courthouse closed, they were unsure if they’d actually be able to get married Friday.

Instead of letting the snow keep them at home and postpone their ceremony, the happy couple decided the show must go on.

“We had actually scheduled with the lady who does the weddings at the court, but I actually posted on a local Facebook page ’cause I knew the courthouses have been closed on Wednesday and Thursday. So I posted on the local Facebook page asking if anybody knew if the courthouse was going to be open and then I asked if anybody would be able to officiate if they weren’t open,” said Archbold.

Thankfully, the original officiant was available to do the ceremony and open the courthouse.

“We told her how much we appreciated her being able to actually come and do our wedding ’cause we really wanted to get married today,” said Archbold.

But the Archbolds are still getting many offers to help them out if they needed it.

“I had probably half a dozen messages from people offering to officiate if our officiant wasn’t able to come in and I think a dozen people on the actual Facebook post saying, ‘We’ll officiate your wedding, we can do it for you.’ I think that really does show how kind and that North Dakota nice,” said Archbold.

And on Friday morning, they picked up their witnesses and headed to the courthouse.

“Drifting around corners going to pick up our witness probably is going to be the most memorable part ’cause there was a lot of snow drifts that we had to get through to get our witness and get all the way back to the courthouse,” said Archbold.

The newlyweds plan to have a bigger ceremony next year when the weather warms up.