With the issues of getting to and extinguishing a train fire near Burlington, Burlington’s Fire Chief Karter Lassman asked for help from the North Dakota National Guard.

Gov. Doug Burgum authorized the National Guard to launch a UH60 Black Hawk Helicopter to assist in the efforts.

The helicopter left Bismarck Sunday afternoon. National Guard First Lt. Cody Zikmund says there were 11 guard members dispatched to assist.

“The UH60 Black Hawk is a helicopter equipped with a water bucket that on board that can carry approximately 500 to 600 gallons of water. This can be used to assist local first responders with, in this instance, a train that might be on fire and it can help with the fire suppression,” Zikmund said.

The state’s National Guard representative told KX there were 19 bucket loads and more than 10,200 gallons of water distributed on the fire.

Zikmund said on Sunday that the state’s National Guard completed a national ground-wide land firefighting certification for nearly 20 of its personnel.

This training helps to ensure that our state’s National Guard is always ready and prepared if called upon.