The State’s Chief Information Officer Says There is a Bright Future with Artificial Intelligence

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It’s a media organization that’s captured audiences since the 1980s: we’ve all heard of Ted Talks. And tomorrow, several North Dakota speakers will be hitting the stage for the capital city’s 2019 Ted-X event.

North Dakota’s Chief Information Officer is ready to share his ideas. Shawn Riley took this role in April of 2017 after serving in IT leadership roles for two decades.

As head of cybersecurity, it’s Riley and his team’s job to not only keep the government’s private information safe, but also, yours, mine, and all North Dakota citizens’.

Riley told KX News he’ll be spending his 15 minutes on stage discussing the future of Artificial Intelligence.

He says people have a fear of being replaced by computers, but contrary to popular belief, he says AI is a good thing. Riley says it can redefine the workforce across the board: in the medical field, in research, and in your day-to-day job.

The ITD Chief Information Officer shares, “If you go back to say the year 1900, we had all these new machines that were coming on the scene and we’ve changed the workforce immensely. Well now in the year 2019, we’re bringing on a new capacity with Artificial Intelligence. Everybody knows the sci-fi show where everything explodes from the robot, but I want to talk about the really good side.”

He told me to think about the little, nitty-gritty things we have to do at work, day-in-and-day-out; the boring work. He says that’s what AI will replace in the not-so-distant future.

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