The Waterford Upstart program is a learn from home course for four-year-old’s and gets students ready for school by the time they start kindergarten.

“Kids are going to learn letters, sounds, rhyming. They learn how to trace letters because that’s so important, and then they learn how to put sounds together to make words and that builds into reading words and reading sentences,” said Rich Stowell, Vice President, Program participation

North Dakota state superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler said the online program makes a difference in areas where pre-kindergarten class are not available.

“It’s not just about education, it’s not about just getting kids ready for school, it’s about us as school systems bridging, and strengthening that bridge between families, and schools,” said. Kirsten Baesler, North Dakota State superintendent.

Ali Mateen, and Jai Cham’s are very satisfied with the way their daughter learned from the online program.

“She’s just ready for kindergarten and first grade. The confidence the kids build, lets them know they can do the lesson.” said. Mateen.

A federal grant allows students in rural areas to learn from home and be ready for kindergarten by the end of the program. With both state and fedral funding up to 800 students can participate.

“It has a very strong family connection to the child. Families are the best educator for the children, and this program builds upon the family strength,” said Christopher Jones, North Dakota Department of Human Services Executive Director.

Registration for the program is available until the end of summer or until classes are filled. To learn more click here: